Confused ? Meet Rosie Glow Burlesque Performer, Portsmouth.

To an unsuspecting audience, Rosie Glow may just seem like another Burlesque performer. But for the cult followers of Rosie Glow She represents Burlesque diversity. She is a man performing as a woman. Not only does Rosie Glow represent diversity, She actively promotes it and has taken to touring around the UK from her home town of Portsmouth to London,Worthing and other places.

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Rosie Glow is one of the very few confusers on the Burlesque circuit at the moment. In fact We believe She may be the only one in the UK (probably). With a super size suitcase of tricks Rosie Glow can find an act or two to suit an audience with a pleasant surprise. Well readers it would not be a surprise if We told you. Rosie has won awards for her performances and openly admits some pre-show nerves which is hastily cured by a quick taste of her favourite tipple.

Rosie shoot-38

We asked Rosie about attitudes towards her ?

I guess that most of my life I’ve been a crossdresser, though it hasn’t always been an easy thing to do, partly because of negative attitudes towards it. My first partner found it a difficult thing to get her head around, and so with her I always suppressed it. My second partner I loved dearly and I was honest with her from the beginning about it. She really tried to understand it. Unfortunately she died of cancer seven years ago. I find atitudes now to be  better, and are great on the burlesque scene.

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How did you then cope with both the loss of your loving partner and a desire to express yourself ? Rosie explains…

Shortly after this I started going to the occasional burlesque show. I loved the artistry, the femininity of it, as well as the sheer fun of it! A couple of years later I went to a show performed by the then Vixens in Portsmouth and I noticed the leader of the troupe, Veronique Devine on the poster for the show, said she gave burlesque lessons. A few weeks later I plucked up the courage and rang her. I have to say her attitude to me was great, and she began to teach me burlesque. To begin with I was rubbish. The man in me shone through. My moves were awkward and masculine. However, I practised at home and continued to have lessons and slowly it began to click into place. Veronique asked me what I wanted to achieve with the lessons, and I told her I would like to perform a routine live.

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Rosie, once you had some lessons, how was your performance received ?

Together we worked out a routine. It wasn’t good, but I performed it in front of the other Vixens and I had a guardedly positive reaction. My strength it appears was my face and the character I put into the act. On the other hand my moves were still on the awkward side.

The night of the show came. I was very nervous and had no idea of how the audience would react. I made so many basic errors, my movements were awkward, but the audience loved it!

Rosie Glow was born!

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Tell our readers how things have moved on for you.

Since then I have performed all over the place, though mainly in the south. I am often introduced as ‘the confuser’ as I often seem to confuse people when performing, as to my gender.As times gone on my movements have got more fluid, although I still can get very nervous. Performing to an audience definitely gives me a ‘buzz’, and the burlesque community is very supportive. I still perform with the VIxens in Portsmouth and elsewhere, although they are now called, ‘The Foxes’. However, I also often perform without them as a solo artist. I guess I fill a gap in the burlesque scene, in the sense I am a man performing as a woman. Not drag exactly as I try to be a realistic woman, although I’ll often take my wig off at the end of an act to make it clear. that I’m not.

In your own words, for any cross dressers reading your interview today, what would you like to say to them ?

To all those other Cross dressers out there I would say the important things are firstly you should always be honest about who and what you are, and secondly, it is never too late to try something you really want to do.

Rosie x

On behalf of The Burlesque Herald We would like to thank you for taking the time with us today and wish you luck on the Burlesque circuit.


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