Danny Daire…..Boylesque with a feminine twist exclusive with The Burlesque Herald.

The Burlesque Herald talks…..


The Burlesque Herald talks to the very unique Danny Daire as He meteorically rises through the Burlesque world.  Danny is a Boylesque performer with a feminine twist. Danny is currently riding a wave of fame through the Burly world and is due to star at Neon Nights, Liverpool in April and The Glasgow festival of Burlesque also in April. Danny’s acts include Fallen Angel and Love to you.

Danny took time out of his busy performance schedule to talk to The Burlesque Herald over a White Wine.

Who was your inspiration for you to learn the art of Burlesque?
I watched the movie ‘Burlesque’ and I was intrigued and excited about the art form of Burlesque. I found it very exciting and led me to look online, and started to watch videos of Dita Von Teese and Jo Wheldon. I loved watching these fantastic performers wow the crowds on stage, and then I had a thought, I wanna do that too. I fell in love with Burlesque and have never looked back since.


 We asked Danny what Promotions He has  worked for? We were amazed !!
I have performed at venues all over the UK and I love touring. I started performing at Infinitease in Leytonstone and Burlesque Idol in Leicester Square. I have also performed at Krystalites Productions in Dronfield, Late Night Assembly in Basingstoke, Cerise Mae productions in Norwich (twice). I also loved performing at Bar Wotever at the Royal vauxhall Tavern and at the Bethnal Green Working Mens Club in London. I have also performed for Dark Teaser Burlesque in Castle Donington and for Stage Theatre Company at the Hen and Chickens Theatre in London for 3 nights.
Over the next few months I shall be performing in Brighton, Cambridge, Kent, London (3 times), Liverpool, Glasgow and Winchester and performing at Pride events in the Black Country, Bury and a festival in Wiltshire.
What is it like being a Burlesque performer? What are you thinking pre, during and post show? Danny tells all with some helpful tips……
I adore being a Burlesque performer. Pre show is simply a matter of making sure all my costumes are correctly in position, and familiarising myself with the event organisers, and the layout of the stage and audience seating. Its important that I am able to prepare backstage, and do my makeup, hair and lipstick, and get my costume ready.
During the show its so exciting. I love performing on the stage and showing the audience that guys can do Burlesque too, and that we were all born to be different. Audiences across the UK have been soooo supportive of me.
Post show. Its such a buzz! Burlesque is an addiction! I can’t concentrate for ages after a show. But I do love to go to the audience at the end of the show, and chat to audience members, and thank them for their support. I never sleep very well after a show. My mind is far too busy for that!
 What aspirations do you have Danny? Where do you want to be in a years time?
 I’d love to continue performing all over the UK and be booked by established Burlesque shows.
Well what an absolute pleasure it was having some time with you Danny ! Readers keep an eye on this rising star and for more information here is his website –

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  1. As a clarification, we are delighted to have Danny join us for The Glasgow Festival of Burlesque Presents; The Weekend Fling: Here Come The Boys, on the 29th of this month, our actual festival has not changed its traditional date in November and starts on the 9th of that month. So dont panic if you were worried we’d moved the festival dates!



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