Our First Date with Siouxsie Roux by The Burlesque Herald.

Siouxsie Roux entertained audiences at The Bollinger Club, Groundlings Theatre, Portsmouth with a fantastic performance called Tudor Rose. The stunned audience were treated to a real Burlesque history lesson as Siouxsie Roux hit the stage as Elizabeth the first. Siouxsie Roux shares with us her inspirations, experiences and a funny wardrobe failure story not to be missed. Read it all here first !!!!


Siouxsie Roux told us her reasons why Burlesque appealed to her…..

I became aware of burlesque through my interest in pin-up art. As a teenager I read a book called ‘Pin-Up Grrrls’ in order to learn more about the history of the art form. I soon realised that through burlesque it’s possible to be a moving pin-up of your own creation. That sense of agency appeals to me and constantly reminds me of the silent era actress Clara Bow; as a film student I was fascinated to learn of the way that her flapper dances dominated the screen, unable to be fully captured in the frame. By some theorists this has been seen as a metaphor for her escape from or control of the male gaze. That same concept comes into play with Burlesque as the performer decides which parts of their body they want the audience to focus on, how they look, their character etc.

Though it’s not something I have experimented with, I’m drawn to the idea of exploring politics through performance so there was also appeal in that. I’ve been particularly struck by the work of Audacity Chutzpah, who performed in a show hosted locally when I first started to perform.

Burlesque first occurred to me as something I would like to do when I was at university but it wasn’t until I met Missy Cream Tease and Sensu’Elle through an online ad that I properly pursued learning. As a person I have a great thirst for knowledge so the idea that you can never stop learning and that you further yourself with each performance is the main drive for me.

Which performers do you find inspirational ? 

I have been lucky enough to have seen or performed in many shows by Bournemouth based statuesque Burly superstar Sensu’Elle, so the lady herself and past headliners including Havana Hurricane, Aurora Galore, Velma Von Bon Bon and Jeanie Wishes are all inspirations.

I’d say the people I find most inspiring are those I know on a more personal level though as you get the privilege of seeing aspects of their personalities amplified as their performer personas or in some cases the stark contrasts between muggle / Burly starlet! I have known Tallulah Starr and Miss Anticipation for the longest.

image2 - Copy

Siouxsie explained what her family and friends thought of her Burly world….

“My first date was with my husband to be was a Burlesque Show.”

As far as I’m aware I don’t have any friends who disapprove. Those who have voiced an opinion think it’s a fairly ballsy hobby, creative and seems fun. It’s very apparent that I thoroughly enjoy myself and have met and continue to meet some wonderful people through Burlesque.

My mum isn’t too keen, but she’s a very different character to me and has grown to accept that it’s something I’m passionate about. She admires my confidence and is supportive.

My first date with my husband to be was a Burlesque show. He hadn’t been to one before and still enjoys attending them with me.

It seems you enjoy a wide variety of show and promotions, can you tell our readers where you have performed and where you are going to perform ?

As I mentioned, I have performed in many of Sensu’Elle’s shows. She’s a lovely, supportive person for performers and manages to be both a consummate professional and lots of fun! I have performed for Brighton’s Sassy Cabaret, Belvedere Burlesque in Weymouth, The Bollinger Club and have shows with The Scarlet Vixens (Reading), Crewe Steampunk Festival and Burlesque By The Sea (Southsea) soon.

Have you ever had a funny experience whilst performing ?

When I debuted my ‘First Date’ act my dress got stuck. In everyday life the opposite problem (your dress falling off) would be far more mortifying, but this is burlesque! Fortunately I instinctively ran towards the wings waving my arms in the air and three friends (Trixi Treat, Lilli Spritz and Miss Avant Garde) did the sisterly thing and yanked it off me! Ironically I’d attended a workshop with the fantastic Velma Von Bon Bon that day about dealing with stage mishaps.



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