The Burlesque Herald exclusive with Seren Dippity.

The Burlesque Herald was really excited when We had the opportunity to interview Seren Dipity learning how She was introduced into Burlesque, who her influences are and of course her classy, sassy and alluring acts. This is our exclusive interview with Seren Dipity.
“…Andrea made it so much fun, that I stayed…”
We asked how Seren how She begun her journey into Burlesque –
I got started in Burlesque in August 2013, when I began classes with T&A Burlesque. I love to try new things and always up for a giggle. The teacher Andrea made it so much fun that I stayed and progressed onto doing solo work.

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Seren tolds us about her acts and influences….
My influence in Burlesque is every performer on the circuit working their beautiful bottoms off to create and innovate. We are all working hard to do something awesome and we are fighting a battle everyday. To idolise someone is good but to idolise a community means good can be done.
I perform an array of acts. Mostly because I am a curious person and when the inspiration hits me I run with it. I have 5 acts at the moment, but my strongest one is Tech Me Out! Which is my story in a simplified way.
It’s about a backstage technician who becomes a Burlesque star because she is dazzled by the spot light.
My acts, I love comedy and being fierce. I have spent the majority of my life in the background helping people, which is also a passion of mine. I love making people happy.
Tell our readers about some funny stories in Burlesque.
“Don’t be a Dick !!!”
Some funny stories… well I have a few but whether they’ll make it onto the blog is a different thing. I do some stage managing work for Hoots  ‘n’ Hooters. I work closely with the MC Dis Charge one of the fiercest Queens I know. When Dis tried to help me once I yelled ‘Don’t touch my sh*t!’ I don’t know why, it felt right. And it went down a storm.
And Miss Pin Up UK when I embarrassed Mr Dippity when I brought him up on Stage to show off the tattoo he had done of me.
Just remember to quote one of my awesome friends and it is a valuable life and work lesson. ‘Don’t be a dick.’

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