The Burlesque Herald Reviews….

The Burlesque Herald reviews The Sub-Aquatic Steampunk Weekend, The Submarine Museum Gosport, Hampshire. As We had toured in the earlier part of the year the Historic Dockyard, We decided it would be an ideal time to take in the education of the Submarine Museum. The added bonus was The Gosport Steampunk Society was holding their Sub-Aquatic Steampunk Weekend at the venue. What an opportunity !!


So it was on with the Tweed and the reliable Bowler hat with the two tone shoes for an excursion to Gosport. A group ticket was purchased in advance for £28 with single and whole weekend tickets available which included access to the museum and acts.


The headline act was Mr B The Gentleman Rhymer singing his very finest of chap hop tracks.  There was also readings and tea duelling and walkabout story tellers too on the stage and around it , as well as in the tent stage. It is also worth mentioning parking was free.


The usual car park was taken up by Fast food outlets, a cocktail bar (I would recommend The Pain Killer Cocktail) and a Gin Citréon bar. We were warmly welcomed and there was stalls scattered in and around the Museum, as well as models by the Steampunk community and the Museum as one strolled further around the museum.


Many people were in Steampunk attire and looking Super !! In the main building opposite HMS alliance was more stalls selling various Steampunk paraphernalia, I purchased a rather interesting  bottle of Honey Rum. There were other stalls selling canes to pistols to ear rings to hats and even a photography stand.

Next door was the Turtle submarine owned by the museum one of the first subs ever constructed, this was surrounded by a large selection of Steampunk Models such as the Nautilus (featured above).

I understand that this was The Gosport Society’s first Weekender and I can see the potential. It was situated on a great venue. The Gosport Society provided great entertainment. The parking was free and there was plenty to do. HMS Alliance is well worth a look in itself. The Steampunkers all looked awesome in there attire. The Stalls where reasonable priced and had a large choice of goods. One stall had two very eccentric Steam Punks outside HMS Alliance that kept the crowds entertained.

The Aqua-Sub Weekend come highly recommended and I can see it’s potential and The Gosport Steampunk Society will only grow, so here it is until the next one which no doubt will be bigger and better.

Credit to Mark Winterford and RN Museums. National Museum of The Royal Navy.


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