“Why Charity Burlesque is for me !! Exclusive with Raspberry Cardinale. “

The Burlesque Herald took a GWR train to Plymouth to interview  Raspberry Cardinale whom has been a performer in Cities such as Bristol Pix and Mix, Plymouth UPSU Burlesque Society (Raspberry told The Herald She loves them and they helped her grow)  and London Burlesque Idol. Inspired by Auora Galore.

Raspberry Cardinale who performs acts such as Madonna fan dance, the very ‘personal’ bird of Paradise and a classic sultry ‘Goldeneye’ dance.

The Herald asked Raspberry why She  is leaving the World of Burlesque and your fans will be very sadden ? Raspberry gave this pragmatic reply ‘ After a very steep learning curve I’m coming back to the burlesque world to rock It harder than ever !!.’

Tell us more about your charity events ? I love to do charity events some of my best shows have been when it’s for a good cause the audiences are great at my last show for flynns footsteps as soon as I left the stage I had members of the audience wanting me back on was certainly in demand and loved that and it was even better cause the audience could not get enough of my acts. The Charities I sponsor are The Kidney Cancer Association  and Fynn’s First Footsteps.