Issue 281 – James Bollinger


Something slightly different for my comics.  There have been a number of James Bond movies including female and mixed fighting.  From Russia with Love included two ladies fighting at a camp site because of a quarrel over which of them should marry the chief’s son.  Bambi and Thumper gave James Bond a beating in Diamonds are Forever.  I’m not a big fan of the judo scene in the stable with Pussy Galore and James Bond.  I’m not sure how much this type of material in movies has influenced people in the session wrestling scene but there is often talk about these and other movie moments involving mixed and female combat on the main forums.  Issue 281 introduces the character James Bollinger and is based on a scene from Goldeneye where Xenia Onatopp gives Admiral Chuck a deadly body scissors.  Enjoy!


James Bollinger will return … but I’m not so sure…

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