Bringing Burlesque to Orange County by Lillian Dujour.

The Burlesque Herald took a long haul flight across the pond to Los Angeles for an exclusive interview with Lillian Dujour. We joined Lillian during rehearsal of her new Whispering Sisters Burlesque & Cabaret Show in Orange County, California.

Lillian how did you come up with your stage name and whom was your inspiration ?   

 My stage name is Lillian DuJour and as you know it can be quite a process to develop a burlesque name and persona.  It actually took me about 2 months to finally decide on my stage name.  I had a great-great aunt who was a young girl in the 1920’s. I remember my Mom and her sisters talking about ‘how risque’ my Aunt Lilly was.  After she passed away, they found several ‘very sexy’ lingerie items in her bedroom and shared a lot of laughs as they reminisced how strong, feisty, independent of a women she was. During WW2 she lied about her age (told them she was younger) so she could work at the aircraft factory!
Viola!, a perfect match to use her name for my Burlesque name.  I was struggling with my Burlesque last name and one day in my doctor’s office, he had a magazine in the waiting room that was called DuJour!  That was it!!!!   Lillian DuJour was officially born.

headshot touchup

I remember dancing and singing all the songs from Gypsy Rose Lee, the musical when I was 5 yrs. old.  Let Me Entertain You and You Gotta Have a Gimmick were my favorites.  I don’t think my parents ever thought that someday I would be on a burlesque stage!
At 7 yrs. old, I started competitive figure skating.  As an elite ice skater, I hold double gold medals in the US and Canada, I was a principal ice show performer, and coached & choreographed for over 40 years.
The first burlesque act is saw was while I was looking burlesque up on my computer. When I came across Charlotte Treuse’ video from the 6th annual New Orleans Burlesque Festival…her rocking horse act.  I thought to myself  she performs like I would like to do/or what I knew was my style….playful/sexy/confident/can laugh at herself etc. and her costume was amazing.   OK if this is burlesque, I want IN!!!!!!



Where do you live and how do you think burlesque is received ?

I live in Newport Beach which is located 40 miles south of LA/Hollywood.  Orange County where Newport Beach is located.  There are very few things to do late at night throughout the week.  I am hoping to help make a difference with what burlesque can bring to it’s audiences.  Positive female body image, along with learning how to laugh at one’s self and help educate the public about this art form.  My tagline is “sexy at any age”!  I offer lessons & workshops to help women find and own their Jeni se qua!
After hearing that so many women over 30 to 40 are going through depression and feel like life is over; I did not want to fall into that category!
What can I do that’s new, challenging, and a lot of fun with the experiences I have had in my life?
AH…BURLESQUE   Perfect fit as I am a showgirl at heart and I am passionate about living life fully and being ‘sexy at any age’!
So I have officially jumped from ice skating into Pasties a year ago.
“I’m 61 yrs. Right now and married to a man that I met when I was performing in ice shows…we reconnected in 2010…he’s 15 yrs. my junior!”
I believe being silly and sexy has kept me young at heart.  When people say I don’t look my age, I alway laugh and say “it’s because I have been on ‘ice’ my whole life” LOL referring to being in an ice arena!   But it stems from my attitude, I believe…I hang out with and relate more with younger people.
I’m coming up to my 1 year anniversary in Burlesque…and I have had amazing opportunities.  A friend asked me to be an extra in his  Indie, full feature film, Wine Tasting.  The day I was on set the director, Josh Mitchell of Wickid Pissa productions found out I was Burlesque Artist and he said “come back tomorrow, I am writing you into the story line!”  What an experience for this old lady!…Josh was and continues to be so supportive. Keep an eye out for his work.
Street Motivation Magazine has also recently interview me and I have met so many wonderful and supportive producers and artists this past year. I am truly grateful.
Have you or would you like to perform in Las Vegas?
LAS VEGAS funny you should ask.
My parents started taking me there when I was only 3 yrs.old.  That was back in the days when kids were not allow at all in the casinos.  So I did grow up seeing all the different show names lit up as they drove me down the Strip.  Can you imagine being able to see all those lights as a little girl?  Perhaps that is where I got the love for glitter & glam.
Las Vegas is about a 4 hour drive for me and I still love to go visit and see the shows.  Several of my ice skating friends live there. After our ice show days, they moved there to work behind the scenes of the different shows.
During my ice skating days I was invited to skate at an opening, but now I am happy to leave performing in Vegas to all the young talented and long legged showgirls these days.
Thank you Burlesque Herald for coming across the pond to support Burlesque and my New Show!
I have 2 passions in life;
To make a difference in people’s lives, by helping them become the best they can be and performing.  What a perfect find…Burlesque.  Empowering Women & I’m back under the spotlights!
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A walk on The Wild Side with Zelda Wilde as The Burlesque Herald plays its cards right.

The Burlesque Herald  takes a walk on the wild side with Zelda Wilde She a bad witch who captures the audience with  high energy, emotive performances. She has been described as very “bouncy.” Zelda has travelled around the world with her deck of tarot. Currently she teaches yoga in Brighton when she is not shimmying on the stage.
” When I went to a burlesque show to see a friend perform, I was enchanted.”
How did you become interested in Burlesque?

I grew up in a very eccentric artist family. My father is a painter and my mother is an actress and a tarot reader. Outside my home I felt very out of place most of my youth. When I went to a burlesque show to see a friend perform, I was enchanted. I loved the variety of people performing and how all the performers seemed to embrace what made them different. Since then I fell madly and deeply in love with burlesque.

Where you have performed ?
I started modelling when I was 18 and eventually I got into go go dancing in various nightclubs. I got into burlesque later on and have been lucky enough to perform internationally since then alongside extremely talented and amazing performers.

Which performers are your inspiration?
I feel inspired every time I watch someone perform burlesque. The creativity doesn’t cease to amaze me! For my own shows I get inspiration from beautiful glamour ghouls like Morticia Addams, Vampira,Elvira and I love the playfulness of Betty Page and of course glitter.
Do you have any Shows coming up Zelda where you are performing Gory & Glam ?
Infinitease 4 Heat 7.
Uncaged London – Naughty on 8:00pm Tue 13th June

Doing Burlesque differently, The Burlesque Herald’s exclusive interview with Pixie Rider.

The Burlesque Herald interviews Pixie Rider about Burlesque and how she did not allow disability to affect her aspirations to become a burlesque performer. The Burlesque Herald learns of how Pixie Rider is continuously victorious over not just disabilities, but also helping to ensure there is no discrimination in the world of Burlesque……

.”Let’s encourage all people who want to perform irrelevant of any disabilities; it just takes some thought, remember not all conditions and illnesses are visible at first glance.”




Who would you say is your inspiration?

Hmm… interesting question.  My hubby took me to my first ever burlesque show in 2011 and I fell in love with burlesque and asked for a lesson as a Christmas present.  Hubby managed to find me an 8 week course and I was smitten.  Although I said I would never wear a corset or perform in public at my first class.  That was January 2012 and I performed in March that year as part of a troupe!  I continued to do that until 2016.  I am not sure any burlesque act inspired me to start, but I do love the work of Diva Hollywood, L’Amour Le Monde, Lou Safire, Vicky Butterfly and Kiki Lovechild.  I saw L’Amour perform her then new “Breathe of Life” act in early 2016 and spoke to the teacher she had done a course with Saph Rox. I asked her if she would work with me and my mobility scooter to develop a solo act as due to diabetic neuropathy I could no longer dance with troupe due to my mobility issues.  I still loved burlesque and wanted to continue to perform, Saph said yes and my first act “Born to be Wild” was created.


Can you tell our readers about any funny stories or experiences you may have?

I guess my first funny story as a solo performer was last year when I was accepted for one of Bella Stirrup competition heats. I left the hotel in full make-up and costume which was decent, but different to normal everyday fashion the look on the face of the receptionist was priceless. The Receptionist asked me on my return when I came back in leggings and t-shirt what I had been up too. It ended up in a really interesting conversation about what burlesque is.  My very first funny story happened on my 1st troupe performance. The day was international women’s day in a restaurant in Harlow Essex. I naively thought there would be a car park and as there was no formal changing room. I drove in my costume including stockings only to find out on my arrival the car park was tiny and full!! I had to park about 100-150 feet away and walk to the restaurant the only clothing I had in my car was a cardigan. I kept my dignity, but everyone could see my stocking tops. I remember walking down the road and in my head saying just be confident like you always go out dressed like this!!!!!!

Do you have any new acts your working on?

I have created a second act again with the help of Saph Rox, called “A Forest Pixie”. I have not performed this one publicly yet, but hope to do so soon.  I am not developing any new acts at the moment so that I can concentrate on the two acts I currently perform in order to tweak and improve upon them.  I have already made a number of changes to my first act and really enjoy receiving feedback from audience members, other performers and producers so that I can improve the acts and get the message across that “people with disabilities can still do burlesque We just have to do it differently.”

Please tell our readers about your experiences with disabilities & Discrimination within Burlesque?

“. If you are affected by an illness or condition you can still do the things you love.”

Black and White 01 (1)

This is a really interesting question as the motivation behind my first act before I even decided on the music was to get the message across that disability is just the ability to do things differently. If you are affected by an illness or condition you can still do the things you love.  I thought my first obstacle would be finding a teacher who would work with the “mad woman” and her mobility scooter now affectionately known as Luscious Legs.  However, Saph Rox was not phased at all and I felt very welcome as part of the course.  Saph and all the other participants in the course were lovely, especially as I had only had my scooter for a matter of weeks so was very aware of using it.  Since then I have probably been disregarded when I have applied for shows due to using a mobility scooter and producers being worried about health and safety and me being on the stage.  I do understand this, but would love the opportunity to discuss first as my scooter is very compact and light.  My hubby is always with me if the stage kitten needed help.  I can always adapt as I need to in order to perform, for example, when I went to perform at the Bollinger Club for the first time earlier this year the stage was much smaller than I expected so I just did some pre-show preparations and made the act work by starting of the stage so that there was sufficient space on the stage for Pixie Rider and Luscious Legs. The Performance went off without a hitch.  On a positive note Burlesque Idol did contact me and asked me a couple of questions which I was able to answer quickly and then I was given a slot in the September 2017 heat they were really excited to have my act as they have not had an act with a mobility scooter before.  I have not had any bad reactions from performers in fact just encouragement and positive comments from performers including Diva Hollywood, L’Amour le Monde and Rosie Glow. In fact I have made many friends.  I am now friends with other performers who use mobility aids in America through Facebook.  I work for a charity so I only go so far with the strip for that reason and also because it works for me as part of the act as I use parts of my costume to get the message about disability across. Burlesque is so varied that each performer is an individual.  I have also attended workshops with different well known burlesque artists and have always been made to feel welcome.  I do believe however, that there is a need for some open and honest conversations with producers to help me have the same opportunities as all other performers. Equal opportunities is not about treating each individual the same it is about ensuring that the playing field is level for everybody. For example, if the stage is too small for the scooter can my act be done in front of the stage and will the audience still see my performance?  If you are booking a venue for a workshop check that the building is disabled friendly and that if the studio is on the 1st or 2nd floor there is a lift, don’t assume that all dancers will be fully mobile.  Let’s encourage all people who want to perform irrelevant of any disabilities; it just takes some thought, remember not all conditions and illnesses are visible at first glance.


The Burlesque Herald with Portsmouth’s Goresque Horror Vampire Performer Demonica Latex.

Demonica Latex is Portsmouth’s Goresque Horror Vampire Burlesque performer at Burlesque by the Sea. Ladies and Gentlemen Demonica Latex has many roles in Burlesque performance. If She is not combining Burlesque with Gothic Vampire Horror, She is mud wrestling. Yes that is correct reader !! Mud wrestling ! The Burlesque Herald learned from their after midnight interview with Demonica accompanied by a Vodka, Lime & Soda. Not only does Demonica perform She also runs her own Show the very vibrant, witty and outrageous Burlesque By the Sea in Portsmouth.

In the red corner Demonica’s grunt and groan mud wrestling match versus long time rival Loretta LeBonke of Reading’s infamous Scarlet Vixens (in the blue corner) . Not to be confused with the antics of a Saturday afternoon, these two sassy wildcats battled it out against each other and of course the mud to a shocked audience. The arena was on hand following a purchase from a local market which doubled up a Children’s paddling pool.

Demonica of course when not hiding behind what appeared to be a false mustache reading a news paper is no stranger to Burlesque we find out more…..


How did you become a Burlesque performer ?

I have loved Burlesque since I was a teenager, been going to shows for many many years and always loved reading about Burlesque through the ages and how it has evolved. I had always wanted to become a performer but really had no idea at all how to start or where to begin. I was very lucky that a good friend of mine (Loretta LeBonke) was part of the troupe The Scarlet Vixens in Reading and she managed to get me a spot stage kittening. I loved working with the troupe and it was a fantastic opportunity to learn about the ins and outs of burlesque, get inspiration for acts/costumes/networking etc and after a year of working as a kitten the troupe asked me to perform in a newcomer slot. I have to admit that even though I had a dreamed of this moment for a VERY long time, i was absolutely petrified, but incredibly excited. My first show was a whirlwind of emotion, I can’t actually remember the performance, but the feeling of euphoria when I came off the stage. I cannot explain how amazing I felt and the passion that I wanted to get back on stage asap. I was so lucky to have the amazing support and help of the troupe and they really helped me through every stage, I highly recommend stage kittening first for a year or so as it gave me much more confidence and inspiration.

I have had many emails from women saying how empowered they felt after the show….”

Who or what was your inspiration ?

I have always loved the style and fashion of Pin-Up Girls, so that naturally evolved into my love of Burlesque. I can’t say one performer was my inspiration, it was the whole culture of Burlesque and the complete body confidence and empowerment these performers gave off. I do absolutely love the style of Anna Fur Laxis as she can totally switch from Classic Burlesque, to quirky and unique styles. She has the most amazing ‘stage face’ and her expressions for me really draw me in. I have to say that since i started kittening, the whole Scarlet Vixens troupe are a huge inspiration as they are so supportive and knowledgeable and each performer has their own amazing style so there is always someone to ask no matter what question I may have. I love watching their shows as they are so diverse and just such a talented group of ladies!!
Do you teach Burlesque ?
No, I don’t feel I have enough experience to be able to teach, but I would always offer help and guidance if someone liked my style and needed advice.
I do have a amazing venue at The Coastguard Studio.”
Where would you like to be in a year’s time ?
I am currently running my own show Burlesque by the Sea in Southsea, so I would like to continue with these every three months and basically learn from each show, they are definitely a huge learning curve for me!! I would like to perform more this year, my shows take up quite a bit of time (along with my day job and being a mum), but I would like to push myself and apply to many more shows around the country. I am also teaching myself to use silk fans and Poi, so I would like to be much more experienced using these and maybe incorporate FIRE. Demonica Latex smiles.
Tell us about your mud wrestling, how did the crowd react ?
Haha this was a bit of a crazy idea to add extra fun to Burlesque by the Sea!! We filled a paddling pool with top soil as we couldn’t get mud and myself and the compere Loretta Lebonke basically had a brawl in the soil. It was not particularly choreographed, we just wanted to have fun and it went down really well because we just had such a laugh with it. Some of audience members said they thought it was hilarious and strangely erotic haha and it was nice to just have a comedy act that we had so much fun doing which I think drew the audience in.


You started your Burly Career as a stage Kitten to performer, what drove you to put your own show on ?

After working outside of the area for so long and my love for Burlesque, I just had a crazy idea that I wanted to bring a show to my local area as I know there is a big love for Burlesque show on the South Coast (I have been going to Joe Blacks show at the Kings Theatre for so many years). It really was just a trial to test  the reaction and if there was a gap I could fill in Southsea at first, Well the first show was such an amazing success, I was totally overwhelmed and the audience kept asking when then next show would be held. So I booked the next show the next day and the rest is history!! It is hard work but I absolutely love the planning, promotion and of course getting to meet so many talented performers. I know I was lucky to get my first newbie slot, so I love the fact that Burlesque by the Sea can offer this opportunity to other passionate performers.


What do you take away from putting shows on ? 

I love watching the audience to be honest, seeing them laugh and cheer and smile is a massive passion for me!! We are getting regulars now and this makes it all worth while as I know they are enjoying themselves and I am also introducing Burlesque to people who maybe did not fully understand what Burlesque represents. I have had many emails from women saying how empowered they felt after the show and love the fact that our performers represent every type and shape of woman and they can feel the body confidence radiating off the performers!!



What frustrates you the most about promotion ? 

I am still finding my feet with promotion. I find social media is such an amazing form of advertising, so use this as much as I can. I have wasted a lot of money of leaflets/leafleting/posters etc and for me this method is not so effective. I do have a amazing venue at The Coastguard Studio, and they really jump on board and help with promotion. The manager James has a prime property opposite the Kings Theatre, and has used this to promote with a huge banner especially when the House of Burlesque is running to capitalize the burlesque audience.
Main Poster



Our First Date with Siouxsie Roux by The Burlesque Herald.

Siouxsie Roux entertained audiences at The Bollinger Club, Groundlings Theatre, Portsmouth with a fantastic performance called Tudor Rose. The stunned audience were treated to a real Burlesque history lesson as Siouxsie Roux hit the stage as Elizabeth the first. Siouxsie Roux shares with us her inspirations, experiences and a funny wardrobe failure story not to be missed. Read it all here first !!!!


Siouxsie Roux told us her reasons why Burlesque appealed to her…..

I became aware of burlesque through my interest in pin-up art. As a teenager I read a book called ‘Pin-Up Grrrls’ in order to learn more about the history of the art form. I soon realised that through burlesque it’s possible to be a moving pin-up of your own creation. That sense of agency appeals to me and constantly reminds me of the silent era actress Clara Bow; as a film student I was fascinated to learn of the way that her flapper dances dominated the screen, unable to be fully captured in the frame. By some theorists this has been seen as a metaphor for her escape from or control of the male gaze. That same concept comes into play with Burlesque as the performer decides which parts of their body they want the audience to focus on, how they look, their character etc.

Though it’s not something I have experimented with, I’m drawn to the idea of exploring politics through performance so there was also appeal in that. I’ve been particularly struck by the work of Audacity Chutzpah, who performed in a show hosted locally when I first started to perform.

Burlesque first occurred to me as something I would like to do when I was at university but it wasn’t until I met Missy Cream Tease and Sensu’Elle through an online ad that I properly pursued learning. As a person I have a great thirst for knowledge so the idea that you can never stop learning and that you further yourself with each performance is the main drive for me.

Which performers do you find inspirational ? 

I have been lucky enough to have seen or performed in many shows by Bournemouth based statuesque Burly superstar Sensu’Elle, so the lady herself and past headliners including Havana Hurricane, Aurora Galore, Velma Von Bon Bon and Jeanie Wishes are all inspirations.

I’d say the people I find most inspiring are those I know on a more personal level though as you get the privilege of seeing aspects of their personalities amplified as their performer personas or in some cases the stark contrasts between muggle / Burly starlet! I have known Tallulah Starr and Miss Anticipation for the longest.

image2 - Copy

Siouxsie explained what her family and friends thought of her Burly world….

“My first date was with my husband to be was a Burlesque Show.”

As far as I’m aware I don’t have any friends who disapprove. Those who have voiced an opinion think it’s a fairly ballsy hobby, creative and seems fun. It’s very apparent that I thoroughly enjoy myself and have met and continue to meet some wonderful people through Burlesque.

My mum isn’t too keen, but she’s a very different character to me and has grown to accept that it’s something I’m passionate about. She admires my confidence and is supportive.

My first date with my husband to be was a Burlesque show. He hadn’t been to one before and still enjoys attending them with me.

It seems you enjoy a wide variety of show and promotions, can you tell our readers where you have performed and where you are going to perform ?

As I mentioned, I have performed in many of Sensu’Elle’s shows. She’s a lovely, supportive person for performers and manages to be both a consummate professional and lots of fun! I have performed for Brighton’s Sassy Cabaret, Belvedere Burlesque in Weymouth, The Bollinger Club and have shows with The Scarlet Vixens (Reading), Crewe Steampunk Festival and Burlesque By The Sea (Southsea) soon.

Have you ever had a funny experience whilst performing ?

When I debuted my ‘First Date’ act my dress got stuck. In everyday life the opposite problem (your dress falling off) would be far more mortifying, but this is burlesque! Fortunately I instinctively ran towards the wings waving my arms in the air and three friends (Trixi Treat, Lilli Spritz and Miss Avant Garde) did the sisterly thing and yanked it off me! Ironically I’d attended a workshop with the fantastic Velma Von Bon Bon that day about dealing with stage mishaps.


Danny Daire…..Boylesque with a feminine twist exclusive with The Burlesque Herald.

The Burlesque Herald talks…..


The Burlesque Herald talks to the very unique Danny Daire as He meteorically rises through the Burlesque world.  Danny is a Boylesque performer with a feminine twist. Danny is currently riding a wave of fame through the Burly world and is due to star at Neon Nights, Liverpool in April and The Glasgow festival of Burlesque also in April. Danny’s acts include Fallen Angel and Love to you.

Danny took time out of his busy performance schedule to talk to The Burlesque Herald over a White Wine.

Who was your inspiration for you to learn the art of Burlesque?
I watched the movie ‘Burlesque’ and I was intrigued and excited about the art form of Burlesque. I found it very exciting and led me to look online, and started to watch videos of Dita Von Teese and Jo Wheldon. I loved watching these fantastic performers wow the crowds on stage, and then I had a thought, I wanna do that too. I fell in love with Burlesque and have never looked back since.


 We asked Danny what Promotions He has  worked for? We were amazed !!
I have performed at venues all over the UK and I love touring. I started performing at Infinitease in Leytonstone and Burlesque Idol in Leicester Square. I have also performed at Krystalites Productions in Dronfield, Late Night Assembly in Basingstoke, Cerise Mae productions in Norwich (twice). I also loved performing at Bar Wotever at the Royal vauxhall Tavern and at the Bethnal Green Working Mens Club in London. I have also performed for Dark Teaser Burlesque in Castle Donington and for Stage Theatre Company at the Hen and Chickens Theatre in London for 3 nights.
Over the next few months I shall be performing in Brighton, Cambridge, Kent, London (3 times), Liverpool, Glasgow and Winchester and performing at Pride events in the Black Country, Bury and a festival in Wiltshire.
What is it like being a Burlesque performer? What are you thinking pre, during and post show? Danny tells all with some helpful tips……
I adore being a Burlesque performer. Pre show is simply a matter of making sure all my costumes are correctly in position, and familiarising myself with the event organisers, and the layout of the stage and audience seating. Its important that I am able to prepare backstage, and do my makeup, hair and lipstick, and get my costume ready.
During the show its so exciting. I love performing on the stage and showing the audience that guys can do Burlesque too, and that we were all born to be different. Audiences across the UK have been soooo supportive of me.
Post show. Its such a buzz! Burlesque is an addiction! I can’t concentrate for ages after a show. But I do love to go to the audience at the end of the show, and chat to audience members, and thank them for their support. I never sleep very well after a show. My mind is far too busy for that!
 What aspirations do you have Danny? Where do you want to be in a years time?
 I’d love to continue performing all over the UK and be booked by established Burlesque shows.
Well what an absolute pleasure it was having some time with you Danny ! Readers keep an eye on this rising star and for more information here is his website –

Confused ? Meet Rosie Glow Burlesque Performer, Portsmouth.

To an unsuspecting audience, Rosie Glow may just seem like another Burlesque performer. But for the cult followers of Rosie Glow She represents Burlesque diversity. She is a man performing as a woman. Not only does Rosie Glow represent diversity, She actively promotes it and has taken to touring around the UK from her home town of Portsmouth to London,Worthing and other places.

Rosie Glow 14-11-16-36

Rosie Glow is one of the very few confusers on the Burlesque circuit at the moment. In fact We believe She may be the only one in the UK (probably). With a super size suitcase of tricks Rosie Glow can find an act or two to suit an audience with a pleasant surprise. Well readers it would not be a surprise if We told you. Rosie has won awards for her performances and openly admits some pre-show nerves which is hastily cured by a quick taste of her favourite tipple.

Rosie shoot-38

We asked Rosie about attitudes towards her ?

I guess that most of my life I’ve been a crossdresser, though it hasn’t always been an easy thing to do, partly because of negative attitudes towards it. My first partner found it a difficult thing to get her head around, and so with her I always suppressed it. My second partner I loved dearly and I was honest with her from the beginning about it. She really tried to understand it. Unfortunately she died of cancer seven years ago. I find atitudes now to be  better, and are great on the burlesque scene.

Dad shoot 9-3

How did you then cope with both the loss of your loving partner and a desire to express yourself ? Rosie explains…

Shortly after this I started going to the occasional burlesque show. I loved the artistry, the femininity of it, as well as the sheer fun of it! A couple of years later I went to a show performed by the then Vixens in Portsmouth and I noticed the leader of the troupe, Veronique Devine on the poster for the show, said she gave burlesque lessons. A few weeks later I plucked up the courage and rang her. I have to say her attitude to me was great, and she began to teach me burlesque. To begin with I was rubbish. The man in me shone through. My moves were awkward and masculine. However, I practised at home and continued to have lessons and slowly it began to click into place. Veronique asked me what I wanted to achieve with the lessons, and I told her I would like to perform a routine live.

Dad Shoot 6-34

Rosie, once you had some lessons, how was your performance received ?

Together we worked out a routine. It wasn’t good, but I performed it in front of the other Vixens and I had a guardedly positive reaction. My strength it appears was my face and the character I put into the act. On the other hand my moves were still on the awkward side.

The night of the show came. I was very nervous and had no idea of how the audience would react. I made so many basic errors, my movements were awkward, but the audience loved it!

Rosie Glow was born!

Dad Shoot 7-12

Tell our readers how things have moved on for you.

Since then I have performed all over the place, though mainly in the south. I am often introduced as ‘the confuser’ as I often seem to confuse people when performing, as to my gender.As times gone on my movements have got more fluid, although I still can get very nervous. Performing to an audience definitely gives me a ‘buzz’, and the burlesque community is very supportive. I still perform with the VIxens in Portsmouth and elsewhere, although they are now called, ‘The Foxes’. However, I also often perform without them as a solo artist. I guess I fill a gap in the burlesque scene, in the sense I am a man performing as a woman. Not drag exactly as I try to be a realistic woman, although I’ll often take my wig off at the end of an act to make it clear. that I’m not.

In your own words, for any cross dressers reading your interview today, what would you like to say to them ?

To all those other Cross dressers out there I would say the important things are firstly you should always be honest about who and what you are, and secondly, it is never too late to try something you really want to do.

Rosie x

On behalf of The Burlesque Herald We would like to thank you for taking the time with us today and wish you luck on the Burlesque circuit.