Tommy Robinson’s appeal: what happened?

The Secret Barrister

Today the Court of Appeal (Criminal Division) heard the appeal of Stephen Yaxley-Lennon (AKA Tommy Robinson).

Judgment was reserved, meaning the Court’s decision will not be known for another couple of weeks. However it is worth, given the events of today, having a quick look at what happened. In doing so, I am grateful to the excellent Lizzie Dearden of the Independent who provided a comprehensive live-blog of the hearing from the Royal Courts of Justice, as well as the indispensable Matthew Scott who live-tweeted the hearing, and whose blogpost on the subject tells you everything you could ever need to know.


Some of the background was set out in my first blog after Yaxley-Lennon was committed to prison for contempt at Leeds Crown Court on 25 May 2018. The full facts were, and to an extent are still, unknown. The judgment will, when it is handed down…

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Issue 281 – James Bollinger


Something slightly different for my comics.  There have been a number of James Bond movies including female and mixed fighting.  From Russia with Love included two ladies fighting at a camp site because of a quarrel over which of them should marry the chief’s son.  Bambi and Thumper gave James Bond a beating in Diamonds are Forever.  I’m not a big fan of the judo scene in the stable with Pussy Galore and James Bond.  I’m not sure how much this type of material in movies has influenced people in the session wrestling scene but there is often talk about these and other movie moments involving mixed and female combat on the main forums.  Issue 281 introduces the character James Bollinger and is based on a scene from Goldeneye where Xenia Onatopp gives Admiral Chuck a deadly body scissors.  Enjoy!


James Bollinger will return … but I’m not so sure…

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Putting the record straight….An exclusive interview with James Bollinger.

One of our most Popular stories to date…….

The Burlesque Herald.

In July 2017. The Bollinger Club made a suggestion via Social Media for feedback about a registration fee for shows. Little did The Bollinger Club know that this was the evening there was a conspiracy to kill the club. We interview James Bollinger for his story….. 

Many promoters/performers were talking about how sad it was that shows were being cancelled because of low ticket sales and how slow things where. Questions were being asked for ideas on how promoters could keep the money flowing and the shows alive.The less well known performers (as I refuse to refer to them as Newbies) need a hand up in getting stage experience and promoted. It is these people that are the very back bone of Burlesque. They perform for passion and fun. They come from all walks of life, some struggle for that much needed stage time and The Bollinger Club gave them…

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Steampunk World’s Fair – Cancelled

A sad day for Steampunk……..

Airship Ambassador

After several weeks of discussions, and publicized business changes, following posts in late January revealing sexual abuse allegations,

Sexual abuse allegations crawling out of steampunk community (TW)

Time to Name Drop and Protect Newbies

the Silver Phoenix Society announced On February 20,2018, it was taking over the production of Steampunk World’s Fair.

However, it was announced tonight, March 13, 2018, on the Steampunk World’s Fair Facebook page that Silver Phoenix Society’s involvement in the event was ending, effectively cancelling the May 2018 festival.

From the Facebook page:

We are hereby ending Silver Phoenix Society’s involvement with the event known asSteampunk World’s Fair, that was to take place the first week of May. The community that we
love and support has made it clear that this event is forever tainted by the former management’smisdeeds and mistakes, and we acknowledge the pain that was caused and we do not want tocontinue…

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“Why Charity Burlesque is for me !! Exclusive with Raspberry Cardinale. “

The Burlesque Herald took a GWR train to Plymouth to interview  Raspberry Cardinale whom has been a performer in Cities such as Bristol Pix and Mix, Plymouth UPSU Burlesque Society (Raspberry told The Herald She loves them and they helped her grow)  and London Burlesque Idol. Inspired by Auora Galore.

Raspberry Cardinale who performs acts such as Madonna fan dance, the very ‘personal’ bird of Paradise and a classic sultry ‘Goldeneye’ dance.

The Herald asked Raspberry why She  is leaving the World of Burlesque and your fans will be very sadden ? Raspberry gave this pragmatic reply ‘ After a very steep learning curve I’m coming back to the burlesque world to rock It harder than ever !!.’

Tell us more about your charity events ? I love to do charity events some of my best shows have been when it’s for a good cause the audiences are great at my last show for flynns footsteps as soon as I left the stage I had members of the audience wanting me back on was certainly in demand and loved that and it was even better cause the audience could not get enough of my acts. The Charities I sponsor are The Kidney Cancer Association  and Fynn’s First Footsteps.



Steampunk…. Seriously?

A learned Lecture by Professor Elemental…..

Airship Ambassador

by Professor Elemental

Being a grown up is hard. Mortgages, illnesses, car payments, credit card bills, parenting and politics; these are not activities for the faint hearted. So it’s no wonder that all of us seek some kind of escape from time to time. There’s the telly and the computer, sports and video games, a cornucopia of exciting drugs and new sexual combinations- all there to help ease the pressure of modern life. Still, some of us like to go that extra mile; for some of us, it’s not enough, to watch science fiction- we want to be science fiction. Why sit around imagining an outlandish fantasy when you could actually go out and live it for a while, or at least a fair approximation of it?

That, to me, is the joy of Steampunk. To don a metal arm, squeeze into an impossible corset or even just pop on…

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