Steampunk World’s Fair – Cancelled

A sad day for Steampunk……..

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After several weeks of discussions, and publicized business changes, following posts in late January revealing sexual abuse allegations,

Sexual abuse allegations crawling out of steampunk community (TW)

Time to Name Drop and Protect Newbies

the Silver Phoenix Society announced On February 20,2018, it was taking over the production of Steampunk World’s Fair.

However, it was announced tonight, March 13, 2018, on the Steampunk World’s Fair Facebook page that Silver Phoenix Society’s involvement in the event was ending, effectively cancelling the May 2018 festival.

From the Facebook page:

We are hereby ending Silver Phoenix Society’s involvement with the event known asSteampunk World’s Fair, that was to take place the first week of May. The community that we
love and support has made it clear that this event is forever tainted by the former management’smisdeeds and mistakes, and we acknowledge the pain that was caused and we do not want tocontinue…

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“Why Charity Burlesque is for me !! Exclusive with Raspberry Cardinale. “

The Burlesque Herald took a GWR train to Plymouth to interview  Raspberry Cardinale whom has been a performer in Cities such as Bristol Pix and Mix, Plymouth UPSU Burlesque Society (Raspberry told The Herald She loves them and they helped her grow)  and London Burlesque Idol. Inspired by Auora Galore.

Raspberry Cardinale who performs acts such as Madonna fan dance, the very ‘personal’ bird of Paradise and a classic sultry ‘Goldeneye’ dance.

The Herald asked Raspberry why She  is leaving the World of Burlesque and your fans will be very sadden ? Raspberry gave this pragmatic reply ‘ After a very steep learning curve I’m coming back to the burlesque world to rock It harder than ever !!.’

Tell us more about your charity events ? I love to do charity events some of my best shows have been when it’s for a good cause the audiences are great at my last show for flynns footsteps as soon as I left the stage I had members of the audience wanting me back on was certainly in demand and loved that and it was even better cause the audience could not get enough of my acts. The Charities I sponsor are The Kidney Cancer Association  and Fynn’s First Footsteps.



Steampunk…. Seriously?

A learned Lecture by Professor Elemental…..

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by Professor Elemental

Being a grown up is hard. Mortgages, illnesses, car payments, credit card bills, parenting and politics; these are not activities for the faint hearted. So it’s no wonder that all of us seek some kind of escape from time to time. There’s the telly and the computer, sports and video games, a cornucopia of exciting drugs and new sexual combinations- all there to help ease the pressure of modern life. Still, some of us like to go that extra mile; for some of us, it’s not enough, to watch science fiction- we want to be science fiction. Why sit around imagining an outlandish fantasy when you could actually go out and live it for a while, or at least a fair approximation of it?

That, to me, is the joy of Steampunk. To don a metal arm, squeeze into an impossible corset or even just pop on…

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The Burlesque Herald exclusive with Seren Dippity.

The Burlesque Herald was really excited when We had the opportunity to interview Seren Dipity learning how She was introduced into Burlesque, who her influences are and of course her classy, sassy and alluring acts. This is our exclusive interview with Seren Dipity.
“…Andrea made it so much fun, that I stayed…”
We asked how Seren how She begun her journey into Burlesque –
I got started in Burlesque in August 2013, when I began classes with T&A Burlesque. I love to try new things and always up for a giggle. The teacher Andrea made it so much fun that I stayed and progressed onto doing solo work.

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Seren tolds us about her acts and influences….
My influence in Burlesque is every performer on the circuit working their beautiful bottoms off to create and innovate. We are all working hard to do something awesome and we are fighting a battle everyday. To idolise someone is good but to idolise a community means good can be done.
I perform an array of acts. Mostly because I am a curious person and when the inspiration hits me I run with it. I have 5 acts at the moment, but my strongest one is Tech Me Out! Which is my story in a simplified way.
It’s about a backstage technician who becomes a Burlesque star because she is dazzled by the spot light.
My acts, I love comedy and being fierce. I have spent the majority of my life in the background helping people, which is also a passion of mine. I love making people happy.
Tell our readers about some funny stories in Burlesque.
“Don’t be a Dick !!!”
Some funny stories… well I have a few but whether they’ll make it onto the blog is a different thing. I do some stage managing work for Hoots  ‘n’ Hooters. I work closely with the MC Dis Charge one of the fiercest Queens I know. When Dis tried to help me once I yelled ‘Don’t touch my sh*t!’ I don’t know why, it felt right. And it went down a storm.
And Miss Pin Up UK when I embarrassed Mr Dippity when I brought him up on Stage to show off the tattoo he had done of me.
Just remember to quote one of my awesome friends and it is a valuable life and work lesson. ‘Don’t be a dick.’

The Burlesque Herald with Portsmouth’s Goresque Horror Vampire Performer Demonica Latex.

Demonica Latex is Portsmouth’s Goresque Horror Vampire Burlesque performer at Burlesque by the Sea. Ladies and Gentlemen Demonica Latex has many roles in Burlesque performance. If She is not combining Burlesque with Gothic Vampire Horror, She is mud wrestling. Yes that is correct reader !! Mud wrestling ! The Burlesque Herald learned from their after midnight interview with Demonica accompanied by a Vodka, Lime & Soda. Not only does Demonica perform She also runs her own Show the very vibrant, witty and outrageous Burlesque By the Sea in Portsmouth.

In the red corner Demonica’s grunt and groan mud wrestling match versus long time rival Loretta LeBonke of Reading’s infamous Scarlet Vixens (in the blue corner) . Not to be confused with the antics of a Saturday afternoon, these two sassy wildcats battled it out against each other and of course the mud to a shocked audience. The arena was on hand following a purchase from a local market which doubled up a Children’s paddling pool.

Demonica of course when not hiding behind what appeared to be a false mustache reading a news paper is no stranger to Burlesque we find out more…..


How did you become a Burlesque performer ?

I have loved Burlesque since I was a teenager, been going to shows for many many years and always loved reading about Burlesque through the ages and how it has evolved. I had always wanted to become a performer but really had no idea at all how to start or where to begin. I was very lucky that a good friend of mine (Loretta LeBonke) was part of the troupe The Scarlet Vixens in Reading and she managed to get me a spot stage kittening. I loved working with the troupe and it was a fantastic opportunity to learn about the ins and outs of burlesque, get inspiration for acts/costumes/networking etc and after a year of working as a kitten the troupe asked me to perform in a newcomer slot. I have to admit that even though I had a dreamed of this moment for a VERY long time, i was absolutely petrified, but incredibly excited. My first show was a whirlwind of emotion, I can’t actually remember the performance, but the feeling of euphoria when I came off the stage. I cannot explain how amazing I felt and the passion that I wanted to get back on stage asap. I was so lucky to have the amazing support and help of the troupe and they really helped me through every stage, I highly recommend stage kittening first for a year or so as it gave me much more confidence and inspiration.

I have had many emails from women saying how empowered they felt after the show….”

Who or what was your inspiration ?

I have always loved the style and fashion of Pin-Up Girls, so that naturally evolved into my love of Burlesque. I can’t say one performer was my inspiration, it was the whole culture of Burlesque and the complete body confidence and empowerment these performers gave off. I do absolutely love the style of Anna Fur Laxis as she can totally switch from Classic Burlesque, to quirky and unique styles. She has the most amazing ‘stage face’ and her expressions for me really draw me in. I have to say that since i started kittening, the whole Scarlet Vixens troupe are a huge inspiration as they are so supportive and knowledgeable and each performer has their own amazing style so there is always someone to ask no matter what question I may have. I love watching their shows as they are so diverse and just such a talented group of ladies!!
Do you teach Burlesque ?
No, I don’t feel I have enough experience to be able to teach, but I would always offer help and guidance if someone liked my style and needed advice.
I do have a amazing venue at The Coastguard Studio.”
Where would you like to be in a year’s time ?
I am currently running my own show Burlesque by the Sea in Southsea, so I would like to continue with these every three months and basically learn from each show, they are definitely a huge learning curve for me!! I would like to perform more this year, my shows take up quite a bit of time (along with my day job and being a mum), but I would like to push myself and apply to many more shows around the country. I am also teaching myself to use silk fans and Poi, so I would like to be much more experienced using these and maybe incorporate FIRE. Demonica Latex smiles.
Tell us about your mud wrestling, how did the crowd react ?
Haha this was a bit of a crazy idea to add extra fun to Burlesque by the Sea!! We filled a paddling pool with top soil as we couldn’t get mud and myself and the compere Loretta Lebonke basically had a brawl in the soil. It was not particularly choreographed, we just wanted to have fun and it went down really well because we just had such a laugh with it. Some of audience members said they thought it was hilarious and strangely erotic haha and it was nice to just have a comedy act that we had so much fun doing which I think drew the audience in.


You started your Burly Career as a stage Kitten to performer, what drove you to put your own show on ?

After working outside of the area for so long and my love for Burlesque, I just had a crazy idea that I wanted to bring a show to my local area as I know there is a big love for Burlesque show on the South Coast (I have been going to Joe Blacks show at the Kings Theatre for so many years). It really was just a trial to test  the reaction and if there was a gap I could fill in Southsea at first, Well the first show was such an amazing success, I was totally overwhelmed and the audience kept asking when then next show would be held. So I booked the next show the next day and the rest is history!! It is hard work but I absolutely love the planning, promotion and of course getting to meet so many talented performers. I know I was lucky to get my first newbie slot, so I love the fact that Burlesque by the Sea can offer this opportunity to other passionate performers.


What do you take away from putting shows on ? 

I love watching the audience to be honest, seeing them laugh and cheer and smile is a massive passion for me!! We are getting regulars now and this makes it all worth while as I know they are enjoying themselves and I am also introducing Burlesque to people who maybe did not fully understand what Burlesque represents. I have had many emails from women saying how empowered they felt after the show and love the fact that our performers represent every type and shape of woman and they can feel the body confidence radiating off the performers!!



What frustrates you the most about promotion ? 

I am still finding my feet with promotion. I find social media is such an amazing form of advertising, so use this as much as I can. I have wasted a lot of money of leaflets/leafleting/posters etc and for me this method is not so effective. I do have a amazing venue at The Coastguard Studio, and they really jump on board and help with promotion. The manager James has a prime property opposite the Kings Theatre, and has used this to promote with a huge banner especially when the House of Burlesque is running to capitalize the burlesque audience.
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