The Burlesque Herald investigates a BDSM and its attitude towards the LGBT community in Brighton.

When you think of Brighton it gives the impression of Liberation, Understanding and Tolerance for all. Coupled with a vibrant liberal nightlife, Brighton sets the scene of a fun city free from prejudice. So a BDSM event should fit comfortably in Brighton ? The Burlesque Herald investigates further.

The Burlesque Herald after scanning the review pages of Facebook found one BDSM club going by the name of FILTH was not acting within the traditional liberal attitudes towards associated with Brighton’s diverse communities. The Burlesque Herald observed Filth was using Miss Overdose’s (Burlesque performer/Model Miss Overdose) artwork as promotion(Filth Event page Facebook).Whether or not FILTH had permission to use the images remains unclear. The Herald’s attention was drawn to the damming review page of FILTH (Filth Facebook Page) 

The FILTH BDSM Club is hosted by the venue Subline which describes itself on its website as Brighton’s member only Cruise bar. Subline hosts nights such as ‘Cum in your pants‘ and ‘The Big Scrum.’ Subline is situated in the diverse district of Kemptown, Brighton. 

The FILTH promotion that operates at Subline is hosted by Kitten Skye real name Skye De La Mare of The Dungeon Bar, now closed Dungeon Bar LTD. . The FILTH club night takes place once a month and ticket prices range from £15 to £25 per person. With Shock Horror sold out most likely with 120 people attending (Brighton Licensing conditions) and with an average ticket price of £20, making Filth a nice touch of £2400 take for one night. 

A theme is normally set to give guests an idea on how to dress for the occasion. The Herald discovered a series of poor reviews surrounding the FILTH event which involved a guest wearing an S.S. Nazi uniform and an inappropriate image involving Miss Overdose following a suicide in Brighton’s TRANS community.


It would seem from the Facebook reviews FILTH Management failed to answer any of the complaining guest’s reviews. Evidently, the dress code was misleading and offensive allowing one guest to wear an SS uniform on a school dress themed night. The review page on the whole shows a 5 star rating, but complaints and poor reviews had been made. The evidence of cyberbullying and transphobia was compelling. Administrators fell short of dealing with issues raised correctly and showed no professionalism.  

Readers will have empathy and understand that any association with SS atrocities during World War 2. It also has to be stated that although they committed genocide against Jews, the SS were also anti LGBT, Disabled, POC and Queer. Brighton is a diverse city where members of those communities come to live and work in Brighton. To allow a guest to a school themed BDSM event in an SS uniform seems in was received negatively The Herald can report.  


The Herald inserted an undercover journalist at the venue when the FILTH event was taking place on the night of the 15th of September 2017. The dress theme was ‘Back to school’. Filth facebook Page.

“…hygiene was poor after guests were using the bed for sex.  “

Although We do not and would not publish pictures of guest’s antics, it was observed by our undercover Journalist that BDSM play equipment was present and a Round Red Bed. There were some guests being spanked on the play equipment and having  group sex on the Round Red Bed.


The Burlesque Herald seems to recall Brighton’s infamous Round Red Bed making several guest appearances around the city amongst other events over the years, clocking up more mileage than the Yellow bus. The Herald Journalist team made observations in the street of passenger numbers riding on the Yellow Bus and concluded more people were riding the Big round Red Bed at any given time.


Our undercover journalist observed that hygiene was poor after guests were using the bed for sex. The Herald believes this fits in with Filth’s ethos ‘The wet panty teen dream of Kitten Skye (of Dungeon Bar infamy) who longed for something darker, more raw…filthier. We hope to send you on a sensation overdrive each and every time you come to our night’  . Filthier for sure !

The Herald also learned from the Facebook event page for October’s event page ‘Join Kitten Skye and her filthy friends this HALLOWEEN as we SHOCK AND HORROR with our outfits, our behaviour and our play’ That certainly was the case when they stipulated a school dress night and the S.S. were in attendance. However, the event page does go on to say ‘Please respect Filth’s Fetish dress code, IF you want to dress to theme that’s great but your outfit still must have a Fetish edge to it, kink it up with collars, cuffs, corsets, lingerie, latex, pvc and more (maybe the S.S. guest opted for the ‘more’ clause ?) . Get creative, if you can’t then stick to normal Fetish wear please. We reserve the right to not allow entry to anyone not looking the part’ (It would be interesting to find out how many guests are in fact turned away ?). Perhaps a mention of whether offensive wear is permissible or not should be entered into the current ‘clear as mud’ dress code ? Arguably, its Filth Management who should get creative over their dress code, but that may prove difficult when you have sold £4000 worth of tickets ! Filth facebook Page.

Filth Management entered the following dress code clause for the Shock Horror event to cover the arrival of more S.S. Nazis or even the Ku Klux Klan  ‘We also warn all our guests that we allow full freedom of expression of peoples kinks no matter how Taboo they are and you are asked to come with the attitude of ‘Your Kink Is Not My Kink But That’s Ok’  Filth Facebook page . Interestingly, Filth Management did not allow the same Freedom of Expression on their review page from clearly shocked and horrified guests when giving their feedback, which was subsequently removed but that’s ok. 

Readers will also note the amount of activities available to guests, but all in all Kinksters go to pursue the natural drug known as Subspace. There are some whom might suggest (although  We will be waiting a long time for the Jury’s verdict) that the natural drug may be addictive. According to The Herald’s undercover journalist there is not enough play equipment to go round and keep the kinky guests in Subspace. The after care area is also lacking.



It also is apparent to The Burlesque Herald that Filth Management ignored requests by guests for using Miss Overdose’s images for the forth coming Halloween event billed as ‘Shock Horror’ Facebook Filth Page.. Guests canvassed FILTH Management about using the image as three members of the TRANS community had committed suicide recently in Brighton. There was genuine concern in the reviews about the safety of the LGBT TRANS community attending such an event and even working at the venue. Filth Management’s reaction was of course dealt with in the usual way, remove the review once and then remove some more. However, does it not say on the Filth event page ‘Any questions don’t be afraid to ask…we’re big on consent and only bite when you beg’ ? Filth Facebook . Maybe Filth bit off more than they could chew concerning  some of the reviews.

According to PACE, nearly half of Transgender people have taken their lives.

“All publicity is good publicity and I hear they covered up offending swastikas.”

When the review was posted Pasha De La Mare was not only insensitive, but was also abusive on the review thread. The evidence is clear that FILTH’s Management do not wish to address, resolve or take responsibility. The Burlesque Herald found this statement on Pasha De La Mare’s website Pasha Du Valentine  ‘There was a furore last night over one of the Filth guests wearing an S.S. uniform and no it was not me. All publicity is good publicity and I hear they covered up offending swastikas.’

Well it would seem that it was not just the Swastikas that was covered up, it was several one star reviews made the FILTH facebook review page Facebook FILTH Page. The review has since been removed by the administrators twice.  The original post made was a comprehensive five point complaint with one hundred and twenty eight comments, which involved transphobia and cyber-bullying as a result of the review. And has still not been dealt with. But is it not the case that all publicity is good publicity ? 

The whole affair has not damaged Filth’s customer base currently. Shock Horror sold out three weeks ago ! However, these incidents may prove damaging in the long term  as news spreads in Brighton very quickly around its diverse communities. The real question now falls in the court of the communities in Brighton and what action they will take. They are certainly not to be under estimated in their ability to collectively organise and take their very own peaceful, yet effective action. 


The Burlesque Herald contacted both FILTH and Subline for comment and both declined to comment.






Let the Talent through ! Burlesque Games 2017.

That is the Burlesque Games concluded for another year. We have a new crowned Burlesque Queen for their annual reign. In reality of course this is insignificant. It is probably decided who will wear the crown long before the curtain goes up.

But is that not the same star studded line up as the year before and before that ? The mind boggles, maybe there is a roster of winners. Some have argued that this is the established performers reasserting their regime like Russian forces on Moscow Victory Parade Day. But is it not time to show us something new. We do not have to look to far either. The Grass Root level is where to begin.

It cannot be ignored there is in fact talent that would and in a lot of instances out class a lot of the performers on the weekend’s line up. Performers such as Siouxsie Roux, Dorset, South West England, whose performance as Queen Liz the first (She was in fact a real Queen without question) would certainly bowl any audience over let alone Sir Francis Drake’s bowls at Plymouth Hoe ! But absent. Why ?

Looking at the map from the South West of England towards Wales you could muster the might of the Welsh Dragon. Dorine Chantepie performing to the Caravan club, Lili Del Fleur with Paddington Bear and Flissy Tease. The finest in talent from Wales and not one of them on the line up.

It is also clear that too in the world of Burlesque We don’t have many confusers. But We have Rosie Glow of Portsmouth. The only performing confuser in the UK and not even invited to the king’s court for a chance at the crown. Poor form if you ask me. Portsmouth also has more to offer then diesel guzzling ferries too. The very talented Burlesque by The Sea headed up by Demonica Latex and Loretta Lebonke is very worthy of a place at the games. These performers can change theme like I change my clothes very inventive and creative, yet not at the games ?

At the home counties We have the athletic Sakura Cyanide. This performer has it all and is evident She can charm a crowd. Her height and statuesque alone commands her authority both on the stage and floor. Sakura would bounce off a large venue and throw the audience exactly what it needs for an electric atmosphere.

Now Essex is yet another powerhouse for talent. Scarlet Blossom’s adaptation of Chaz and Dave’s Rabbit Rabbit with audiences thinking about the gaffer tape over the mouth and it’s not so obvious relevance to the act would leave audiences in stitches. With many more such as Sian Trigwell, Lady Blue Phoenix  and more.

Brighton’s Zelda Zemzare offers some Eastern spice with something very alternative for romantic couples in the audience. Zelda a reliable and punctual performer who is willing to travel for the satisfaction of entertaining.

There also seems to be a real distinct lack of the performers from minority groups . Whom can all be found at grass root level. We have already mentioned some of those very talented individuals, but again Pixie Rider who is no stranger to the stage is not performing. Pixie Rider’s act is a story of overcoming the struggles of disability and her desire to be a performer in Burlesque is worthy alone of being in the line up.The gesture of her inclusion would be seen as a transparent acknowledgement from the Burlesque games promoters that  ‘Disabled’ ‘People of Colour’, ‘LGBT’ and ‘Queer’ are welcome in Burlesque.

Alas We have a show that turns its back on grass root talent and minority groups.It is about time these very deserving performers who are the real grafters of burlesque are given a break. It’s not to late as there is next year and the year after that and the year after that…………

Doing Burlesque differently, The Burlesque Herald’s exclusive interview with Pixie Rider.

The Burlesque Herald interviews Pixie Rider about Burlesque and how she did not allow disability to affect her aspirations to become a burlesque performer. The Burlesque Herald learns of how Pixie Rider is continuously victorious over not just disabilities, but also helping to ensure there is no discrimination in the world of Burlesque……

.”Let’s encourage all people who want to perform irrelevant of any disabilities; it just takes some thought, remember not all conditions and illnesses are visible at first glance.”




Who would you say is your inspiration?

Hmm… interesting question.  My hubby took me to my first ever burlesque show in 2011 and I fell in love with burlesque and asked for a lesson as a Christmas present.  Hubby managed to find me an 8 week course and I was smitten.  Although I said I would never wear a corset or perform in public at my first class.  That was January 2012 and I performed in March that year as part of a troupe!  I continued to do that until 2016.  I am not sure any burlesque act inspired me to start, but I do love the work of Diva Hollywood, L’Amour Le Monde, Lou Safire, Vicky Butterfly and Kiki Lovechild.  I saw L’Amour perform her then new “Breathe of Life” act in early 2016 and spoke to the teacher she had done a course with Saph Rox. I asked her if she would work with me and my mobility scooter to develop a solo act as due to diabetic neuropathy I could no longer dance with troupe due to my mobility issues.  I still loved burlesque and wanted to continue to perform, Saph said yes and my first act “Born to be Wild” was created.


Can you tell our readers about any funny stories or experiences you may have?

I guess my first funny story as a solo performer was last year when I was accepted for one of Bella Stirrup competition heats. I left the hotel in full make-up and costume which was decent, but different to normal everyday fashion the look on the face of the receptionist was priceless. The Receptionist asked me on my return when I came back in leggings and t-shirt what I had been up too. It ended up in a really interesting conversation about what burlesque is.  My very first funny story happened on my 1st troupe performance. The day was international women’s day in a restaurant in Harlow Essex. I naively thought there would be a car park and as there was no formal changing room. I drove in my costume including stockings only to find out on my arrival the car park was tiny and full!! I had to park about 100-150 feet away and walk to the restaurant the only clothing I had in my car was a cardigan. I kept my dignity, but everyone could see my stocking tops. I remember walking down the road and in my head saying just be confident like you always go out dressed like this!!!!!!

Do you have any new acts your working on?

I have created a second act again with the help of Saph Rox, called “A Forest Pixie”. I have not performed this one publicly yet, but hope to do so soon.  I am not developing any new acts at the moment so that I can concentrate on the two acts I currently perform in order to tweak and improve upon them.  I have already made a number of changes to my first act and really enjoy receiving feedback from audience members, other performers and producers so that I can improve the acts and get the message across that “people with disabilities can still do burlesque We just have to do it differently.”

Please tell our readers about your experiences with disabilities & Discrimination within Burlesque?

“. If you are affected by an illness or condition you can still do the things you love.”

Black and White 01 (1)

This is a really interesting question as the motivation behind my first act before I even decided on the music was to get the message across that disability is just the ability to do things differently. If you are affected by an illness or condition you can still do the things you love.  I thought my first obstacle would be finding a teacher who would work with the “mad woman” and her mobility scooter now affectionately known as Luscious Legs.  However, Saph Rox was not phased at all and I felt very welcome as part of the course.  Saph and all the other participants in the course were lovely, especially as I had only had my scooter for a matter of weeks so was very aware of using it.  Since then I have probably been disregarded when I have applied for shows due to using a mobility scooter and producers being worried about health and safety and me being on the stage.  I do understand this, but would love the opportunity to discuss first as my scooter is very compact and light.  My hubby is always with me if the stage kitten needed help.  I can always adapt as I need to in order to perform, for example, when I went to perform at the Bollinger Club for the first time earlier this year the stage was much smaller than I expected so I just did some pre-show preparations and made the act work by starting of the stage so that there was sufficient space on the stage for Pixie Rider and Luscious Legs. The Performance went off without a hitch.  On a positive note Burlesque Idol did contact me and asked me a couple of questions which I was able to answer quickly and then I was given a slot in the September 2017 heat they were really excited to have my act as they have not had an act with a mobility scooter before.  I have not had any bad reactions from performers in fact just encouragement and positive comments from performers including Diva Hollywood, L’Amour le Monde and Rosie Glow. In fact I have made many friends.  I am now friends with other performers who use mobility aids in America through Facebook.  I work for a charity so I only go so far with the strip for that reason and also because it works for me as part of the act as I use parts of my costume to get the message about disability across. Burlesque is so varied that each performer is an individual.  I have also attended workshops with different well known burlesque artists and have always been made to feel welcome.  I do believe however, that there is a need for some open and honest conversations with producers to help me have the same opportunities as all other performers. Equal opportunities is not about treating each individual the same it is about ensuring that the playing field is level for everybody. For example, if the stage is too small for the scooter can my act be done in front of the stage and will the audience still see my performance?  If you are booking a venue for a workshop check that the building is disabled friendly and that if the studio is on the 1st or 2nd floor there is a lift, don’t assume that all dancers will be fully mobile.  Let’s encourage all people who want to perform irrelevant of any disabilities; it just takes some thought, remember not all conditions and illnesses are visible at first glance.